It is an observed fact, that more often than not, our youth do not get placed appropriately due to lack of opportunities, lack of professionally and effectively managed job fairs, and more importantly, due to deficiency in soft skills which are skills in communications and interpersonal relations, and other skills that are crucial in all walks of life. To transform this situation, We bring YUVA JOB DRIVE to bring about a positive constructive change, by offer to conduct job placements in an effective and sustained way.

YUVA JOB DRIVE aims not only at total grooming of the candidates to enhance their employability through a rigorous training and grooming with the finishing school curriculum but also aim to transform the youth by bringing out their inner strengths, by shedding their inhibitions, honing their overall personality and thus making them more employable. And thus equip them to face life well. Also we aim to assist the youth not only with appropriate placements but with self-employment as well.

YUVA JOB DRIVE will not only give the educated youth of all Streams the opportunity to get appropriately placed, but also would Skill, Up-Skill and Re-Skill them, thus making them more employable and productive.

YUVA JOB DRIVE aims to be a bridge between the industry and the employable youth.