Why is there a need for a Pre-Recruitment Training?

We found that almost over 90 percentage of Candidates voluntarily expressed that they weren't properly equipped enough when being interviewed and voluntarily spoke about feeling a need to improve themselves. They informed us that they were looking for opportunities to get appropriate training and orient themselves properly in the right direction to enhance their employability and soft skills

Some spoke about their weak spot being communication, some spoke about not being able to present themselves properly. Some admitted that they weren't feeling confident enough to open up and speak out despite knowing all the right answers and so on.

So here we are bringing before you that opportunity you have been looking for.



Why go through OUR Training Program?

With over 30 big companies associating with us currently, their Job Vacancies are HUGE in number. Hence, we will be sending Candidates to Employers for Interview as our Regular Placement Drive too . Our ultimate goal is to make job opportunities available to each of our Registered Candidates and hand hold till they can obtain their right job, and also to provide our Registered Employers with skilled Candidates so that they get the most appropriate and suitable candidates to fill all their VACANCIES.

So to achieve this goal of ours, we don't just send Candidates out directly for Interview. We need to make sure that our Candidates are equipped appropriately with the skills required to qualify to be selected at their preferred Employer, so that all our Candidates have a sure bet at landing a JOB, and all our Employers have a sure bet at finding the right Candidates to fill their VACANCIES. For this we offer Pre-Recruitment Training.

What does our Training Program offer?


First we will understand the areas the Candidate is weak or strong in through an Assessment Test. It will test the basic skills of a Candidate and assess the current level the Candidate is at. The Assessment Test will reveal the potential and possessed skills of a Candidate and also measure the room for Improvement needed by them if any.


Pre Recruitment training also will be held at our Trivandrum centre, at FINAL TOUCH finishing school .The training will be focused on improvement of a Candidate's existing skills, by providing an insight on Personality Modeling Skills, Confidence Building, Communicative Skills, Career Orientation, Aptitude Realization and the likes. The Training will be oriented towards mitigating the Candidates weaknesses and enhancing and amplifying their strengths. It will be Specially Tailored to provide the Job Skills required for them to qualify the interview with their preferred Employer.

The Training will also focus on providing the sufficient and appropriate Domain Knowledge required by the Candidate.




Who can attend this Training Program?



All students, in their final year or just enrolled in an undergraduate program who are not currently looking to get placed at a job immediately are recommended to undergo this Training as we have designed the program in a way that provides a general insight to the basic Soft Skills, essentially required by anyone looking to pursue a career or pursue higher studies.



Candidates of any Stream , Graduates or Under-Graduates can enroll into this training program to be equipped to attend direct Interviews without going through the process of a Job Drive after acquiring the Confidence and Skills to qualify the Interviews and get PLACED!




This training program is EXCLUSIVE to YuvaJobDrive registrants. So make sure that you have Registered at our Website.
Providing such a service is what makes us unique and preferred as we connect and bridge the gap between Employers and Employees in the most effective way possible.
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Registration is separate for enrolling to this special training.